Antonio Bortolotti

Founder of Vacation Rental Secrets and the Fully Booked Formula online training program, Antonio Bortolotti is a successful ‘Rentalpreneur’, speaker, consultant and coach. His award winning rental properties have been featured in several national and international newspapers, magazines and on TV. The British ‘Observer’ named his Casa Teulada ‘One of the Best 20 Holiday Villas In The Mediterranean” and the ‘Sunday Times’ recommended it as ‘The Best Deal-For-Two’ in the Italian summer.

He started his VR Business with nothing more than a big passion for beautiful living spaces, almost no money to begin with and no experience in buying and renovating properties yet he had a strong determination to succeed paired with an incredibly creative approach to business and a very clear vision of where he wanted to be with his wife in ten years from the start of their incredibly rewarding journey, which led them to live the life they always wanted.

Alongside managing his properties remotely with just a laptop and an internet connection while traveling around the world for business and for pleasure, Antonio regularly speaks at major industry Vacation Rental conferences sharing his strategies for maximizing rental income.

The Vacation Rental World Summit is his way to bring real value to the whole community of likeminded Rentalpreneurs worldwide.

Top Strategies To Attract, Convert & Turn Guests into Repeat Customers, Raving Fans and Ambassadors Back Home

The VR Industry is quickly moving from a start up phase, where you could get enquiries and bookings fairly easily to a mature one where you no longer have the freedom and control over all aspects of your business that you used to have. Listing sites and OTAs define and limit your access to your clients information. Lobbies and interest groups push lawmakers to adopt restricting regulations. VRs are the next big thing and people are lured into a promise of easy money from renting their properties or investing in real estate in a frenzy gold rush. As a result, inventory increases and so does competition, while holiday makers stay virtually the same.

So in such a dynamic environment running a successful and profitable business gets harder every day.

How do you ensure your business keeps thriving, while following the rules?

What can you do to stand out from the crowd while having a life?

There are areas where you are still in control and can highly influence your prospect’s decision to book with you over someone else.

In this session we’ll look at:

  • Essentials tweaks of your #1 asset: your website
  • How the way you reply to your prospects influences your conversion rate significantly, and a proven method to turn up to 100% enquiries into solid bookings
  • Data gathering and the importance of guest nurturing across all phases of the holiday experience
  • A simple way to minimize potential complaints leading to negative reviews, safeguard your online reputation, increase trust and credibility
  • A free tool to keep in control of communication with your guest 24/7, before, during and after their stay, and how to use it appropriately
  • A truly unique way to build instant recognition, trust and credibility for your brand

This session aims at giving you tips and actionable takeaways that you can implement immediately to improve communication with your prospective guest from the very first point of contact to well after your client gets back home. The approach outlined here leads to maintaining control over the major part of your business and generates a steady flow of bookings year after year.