Booth Setup Information

Alfândega Do Porto – R. Nova da Alfândega, 4050-430 Porto, Portugal

Booth set up will occur on September 14th from 8:00 AM.
You have the square meters available on your chosen plan which you can see here (Bronze Sponsors have a 2×2 meter space). Please note the partnership agreement you signed comprises the booth space only (there is no prefixed structure besides what specified as follows).
There is a 180×80 cm table, two chairs, table cloth, internet connection and electrical plugs.
Height for banners/Roll ups is max 2.5 meters.
You can also view the location of your Booth on the map below:
VRWS will be held at Alfândega do Porto – Rua do Alfandega, Porto, Portugal. If you have any material that you’d like to send to the venue (roll ups, banners, etc.) you can do so by sending them at the following address and specifying on the parcel your company name, and that it is for Vacation Rental World Summit on Sept. 15-16, 2022 and needs to be delivered to Alfandega do Porto on Sept. 14th in the morning and NOT before that date:

Freight & Logistics

supplier DSV/Agility Portugal

contact Silvia Eloy

mobile: +351 916141569

If you want to contact an agency that sets up booths, and can support with everything related to booths, the venue recommends the following:

CBS – Creative Building Solutions, SA

contact: Francisco Gandara

e-mail [email protected]

Please make sure you arrange booth set up as soon as possible as CBS may not be able to meet your demand, should you contact them too close to the event (CBS is the recommended supplier from the venue as it’s reputable and trusted and as such it gets lots of assignments from several events all over Portugal).

Alternative booth set up suppliers:


José santos

[email protected]

+351 93 341 30 65


Susana Lopes

[email protected]

+351 253 300 200


José Marques Fernandes

[email protected]

+351 253673689



Claudia Barros

[email protected]

Rua Bernardino Machado, Nº 335

4445-036 Alfena | Portugal

Mobile | +351 918 256 906

Telephone | +351 229 740 099

Booth Dismantling Information

Dismantling will take place on September 16th right after the end of VRWS, so from around 6:00 PM. It is not possible to dismantle the booth on Sept 17th.

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