Booth Setup Information

Booth set up will occur on the afternoon of September 15th; you have the square meters available on your chosen plan which you can see here.
There is a 160×80 cm table, two chairs, table cloth, internet connection and electrical plugs.
Height for banners/Roll ups is max 2.5 meters.
You can also view the location of your Booth on the map below:
If you have any material that you’d like to send to the venue (roll ups, banners, etc.) you can do so by sending them at the following address and specifying on the parcel your company name, and that it is for Vacation Rental World Summit on Sept. 16-17, 2021:

Imperial Palace Hotel
Allée de l’Impérial – F – 74000 Annecy – France 

If you want to contact an agency that sets up booths, the venue recommends this agency they use often for events taking place at the Imperial Palace.
Alternatively, you can try the following:
Mickael Hebert :
Or you can try L’Atelier Evènementiel .
14 rue du Pré Paillard – 74 940 Annecy le vieux
+33 (0)4 50 51 75 35 / [email protected]
Possibly, if you send material to the venue, do your best to have it delivered not before Sept 13th-14th, as the venue kindly asked us to do so since they have limited storage capacity.