HOW Speakers join VRWS and their session during the Live Q&A part (last 15 minutes of each session)

Please watch this short video because I’m going to tell you practically how you’ll join VRWS and most importantly how you’ll join the live Q&A part at the end of your session.

First and foremost, register to VRWS like everybody else, click the button below, which for you is free of course:
A few days before the event we’ll run a test with you to allow you to familiarize with the infrastructure. I’ll send you a couple of dates to pick up so we can all be there, meet virtually for a few minutes and run the test/answer your questions if any. Then I’ll send you the link to access the test.
It’s basically going to be a Google Meet room, where you will be in the backstage waiting to go live.
When your pre-recorded session is streaming, you’ll be in the Google meet room, ready to go live once it’s your turn; that way you’ll see the questions coming in during the session and you can answer the most voted ones over the last 15 minutes.
That’s it, plane and simple.
So to recap:
  1. You’ll be given a Google Meet link to our Speakers room, which will act as a backstage.
  2. We’ll stream your pre-recorded session at the time in the agenda. You’ll be able to watch it as it streams and see the questions coming in.
  3. Once your pre-recorded session ends, we’ll make you go live to pick up questions and answer them for the remainder of your session.
As you know, by September 15th you should send us your pre-recorded session in mp.4 format with the slides as well that we’re going to add within the platform for attendees to download.


Please, set reminders in your calendar to respect the September 15th deadline to deliver your pre-recorded session (mp4 + slides), because it really is super important for us that we don’t have to chase you and other speakers after that date.

We will have very little time left to check all sessions, put all the infrastructure together and test everything to make sure there are no glitches and everything runs smoothly, so the end result is perfect for you, for all attendees and for us.

Thank you for your cooperation!