Booth Setup Information

MUSEU MARÍTIM DE BARCELONA (MMB) – Placa Blanquerna s/n, 08001 Barcelona, SPAIN

This year VRWS will exceptionally provide the booth structure. Booth set up from the company providing the structures will start in the morning of November 2nd, 2023 and will finish at about 17:00 o’clock (this last time to be confirmed closer to 02.11.23).

Each booth will be furnished as follows:

  • A metallic structure with the size marked in the floor plan (see below). N.B.: the floor plan will also show the exact number of walls that will compose your booth.
  • Your company name (see sample photo below).
  • Blank walls, that can be optionally personalised on request and at extra cost to be discussed directly with the company setting up the booth structures (details provided below).
  • Table –
    Platinum (Avantio)“, “Special 10 Year Anniversary (” and “Gold Sponsors” have a 180×75 cm table.
    Sapphire” Sponsors have a 150×75 cm table.
  • 2 chairs
  • Table cloth
  • Internet connection
  • Electrical plugs.

  • Platinum: Booth #1 –> 3 x 4 meters, height 2,5 mt.
  • 10 Year Special Anniversary: Booth #2 –> 3 x 3 meters, height 2,5 mt.
  • Gold: Booths #3 to #10, #21 to #32 and # 38 –> 3 x 3 meters, height 2,5 mt.
  • Sapphire: Booths #27 to # 31 –> 3 x 2 meters, height 2,5 mt.
  • Sapphire: Booths #11 to # 20 and #33 to #37 –> 2,5 x 2,5 meters, height 2,5 mt.
  • Bronze: Please note – There are no walls; there is room for 1 roll up (width 80 cm height 200 cm)
PLEASE NOTE: Gold Sponsors #3, #5,#7,#9 #32 will have 3 walls . All other  “Gold” Sponsors and “Special 10 Year Anniversary (”  will ONLY HAVE 2 WALLS, as in the photo above, so they will be accessible from 2 sides, one directly facing the Round Tables and one facing the corridor.
The third wall (marked with a red cross above) will only be for all other booths that go against a venue wall – see floor plan above – that will have one access from the corridor.

Walls will come blank by default, and your company name will be placed on top of the booth with standard characters as you see from the photo above.
If you want, you can optionally personalise the 2 or 3 walls either by:
1. Contact the Stand supplier and deal directly with them for the wall personalisation details. Personalisation comes at extra cost that can be discussed with the booth supplier. See Booth Supplier contact details below.

2. You can bring your own banners and roll ups and put them against the walls. Height for banners/Roll ups is max 2.5 meters.

N.B.: Due to extremely rigid internal organisation rules of the Museu Maritim, external suppliers that are not expressly authorised by the Museu prior to the event CANNOT enter the venue on Nov. 2nd for the booth set up. For this reason, we only have one booth set up supplier; please refrain from doing wall personalisations of the booth with an external supplier that is not the company provided below.

Should you have mktg material to be sent to the venue for the booth, please make note of the following info:
MUSEU MARÍTIM DE BARCELONA (MMB) – Placa Blanquerna s/n, 08001 Barcelona
Please specify on the parcel:
  • Your Company name
  • The Booth number
  • That is is for the event: Vacation Rental World Summit, 3-4 November 2023


November 2nd, 2023 from 10:00 o’clock to 18:00 o’clock maximum. N.B.: Earlier delivery WILL NOT be possible and goods WILL NOT be guaranteed as the venue declines to take responsibility for goods arrived prior to November 2nd, 2023.

LOADING/PICK UP TIME (for your courier)

Dismantling of the booths will take place on November 4th right after the end of VRWS, so from around 18:00 o’clock to 23:00 o’clock. Please clear the booth from your carry on materials right after the end of VRWS and organise pick up with your courier for Nov. 4th, 2023, respecting the times above.

After booths have been built by the supplier, you can come and set up your own materials in the booth starting from 17:00 o’clock on November 2nd, 2023 and until 20:00 o’clock on the same day.

Booth Set Up Contact

(DO NOT CALL Daniel for delivery, because he’s not in charge of any information regarding the material you send)


Daniel Gómez Escartín

International Event Manager

[email protected]

Mobile Spain  +34 627 544 648 (not to be used on 02.11.23 for courier requests)

Booth Dismantling Information

Dismantling will take place on November 4th right after the end of VRWS, so from around 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not possible to dismantle the booth on November 5th after 10.00 AM, so please bear in mind the above schedule.